Sexual health development, including sexual health behaviours, knowledge and understanding, are part of the normal development of children. A healthy early childhood forms a foundation for a strong, healthy and productive adulthood. During this period, children develop the physical, emotional and social abilities that will be used throughout their lives; both in adolescence and adulthood.

Parents’ role as primary sexual health educators of their children is important in the development of informed and confident young adults. It is also important that parents engage their children in sexual health discussions at an early age, beginning with teaching the proper terminology for body parts. Early introduction of the topic increases the confidence and comfort of both the parents and children to talk about sexual health.

The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute has developed resources for parents as well as health professionals to enhance the knowledge of parents about the sexual health of their children as they develop and grow. In particular, these resources, which are available in form of posters, information cards and flip charts, contain messages for parents to help them understand and provide information to their children about their sexual development.

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