FASD Prevention Training

Did you know that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the leading known cause of cognitive (intellectual) disabilities in the western world?


FASD is an umbrella term for the range of disabilities caused by drinking alcohol while pregnant. Since drinking alcohol is very common practice, it is helpful to share information about preventing FASD.

How can my community, organization, or group learn more about preventing FASD?


The FASD Prevention Program offers a variety of presentations and can adapt a session to your needs. Presentations are available throughout Saskatchewan. If staff members are unavailable, they can suggest a speaker in your area.

What can they talk about?
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: What it is
  • Why it is best to not drink when trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy
  • How alcohol can affect the developing baby, particularly the brain
  • Exploring the relationship between women and alcohol
  • Role of the partner in supporting a healthy pregnancy
  • Importance of a diagnosis
  • Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines
  • Use of alcohol in our Canadian society
Where have presentations been made?
  • Community-based organizations
  • Conferences
  • Elementary, Middle and High schools
  • First Nation Communities
  • Health regions
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Prenatal classes
  • Service clubs
  • Trade fairs and health fairs
Is there a cost?

FASD Prevention Program staff members do not charge for presentations. If they are not available and suggest a speaker, there may be a cost for the speaker.

How do I book a presentation?

If your organization or group would like to book a presentation, please contact:

FASD Prevention Program
Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
1319 Colony Street, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2Z1

Office: 306-651-4300

Fax: 306-651-4301

Email: info@skprevention.ca


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