Young people often turn to parents and caregivers for information about sexual health. Some studies show that talking openly and honestly to teenagers about sex can prevent teen pregnancy.

The knowledge base and comfort level of parents and caregivers will differ from family to family. However, many parents tend to underestimate their role as providers of sexual and reproductive health education for their own children and teenagers.

Parents and caregivers need to have access to reliable sexual health information and feel confident talking with their children about sexual and reproductive health. Positive communication between parents and their children will result in young people making healthy and responsible decisions.

It is also important for parents to engage with their children in discussions about alcohol and other drug use, healthy relationships, mental health, and other areas of concern for youth. Sexual health does not occur in isolation and education in the area must be considered as part of a holistic approach to youth wellness.

The goal of the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute is to provide accessible information for parents that would assist them in having meaningful discussions with their children about health related topics, with an emphasis on, but not limited to, sexual and reproductive health.


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