Oral health should be a core component of routine prenatal care for all pregnant women. Prenatal healthcare providers can help to increase awareness of the importance of oral health promotion and treatment during pregnancy by:

  • conducting brief oral health assessments
  • educating pregnant women about the importance of their oral health, not only for overall health, but also for the health of their children
  • asking women if they have any concerns/fears about getting dental care while pregnant and, as needed, informing women about the safety of dental care during pregnancy and addressing specific concerns
  • encouraging all women at the first prenatal visit to see a dentist if a visit has not occurred within the past six months, or if a new condition has developed or is suspected
  • developing collaborative relationships with oral health providers, including case management and a dental referral network
  • learning about the dental care coverage available to individuals with lower income and sharing this information as needed
  • Engaging in training and continuing education opportunities on perinatal oral health
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