Nobody’s Perfect is a preventive educational and support program for parents of children from birth to age five. It supports parents to enhance their knowledge, skills and self-confidence that are vital to healthy and effective parenting. It also encourages the development of a strong and supportive social network among participants.

“There are no perfect parents or perfect children or perfect people. We can only do our best, and we all need help once in a while”.

Developed by Health Canada, Nobody’s Perfect meets the needs of young, single, low-income, socially or geographically isolated parents or parents with limited formal education. Nobody’s Perfect is a primary prevention program and is not intended for families where parenting relationships are in crisis. In 1990 the Saskatchewan Institute on Prevention of Handicaps became the coordinating agency in Saskatchewan.

Nobody’s Perfect is a National Parenting Program which was developed in the 1980s to support parents with children in the early years. The program continues to be successful across Canada and internationally. This Nobody’s Perfect video provides a description of the Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program and its history. The video celebrates the successes of the program from the perspectives of the facilitators and the parents that attend Nobody’s Perfect.

Nobody’s Perfect Facilitator Training

The Nobody’s Perfect facilitator training is a four-day training session which covers the concepts and skills necessary to work with parents in a group setting. The training covers:

  • Key concepts of the program and materials
  • adult education principles
  • organizing and planning program sessions
  • developing and practicing facilitation skills

The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute coordinates Facilitator Training throughout the province. If you are interested in being put on a waiting list for the Facilitator Training please complete the application form and return to the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute. Contact the Nobody’s Perfect Provincial Coordinator for more information on the next training near you.