Maternal Health

Healthy babies start with healthy mothers. The preconception period, or the time between puberty and pregnancy, is critical to a healthy pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes. When a woman has a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy, there is a good probability that she will have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal period (the first six weeks after pregnancy).

The periods of pregnancy and childbirth have an impact on the health of the baby and the mother. Healthcare providers have an important role in prenatal and postnatal care. A positive stress-reduced environment is also important to support the mother, her baby, and her families to achieve optimal health.

The Maternal and Infant Health program focuses on the health of the mother and baby by providing current, evidence-based health information to the healthcare providers on best practices of maternal and infant healthcare and health promotion. This information focuses on the periods of preconception, pregnancy, postnatal, and infancy.

The goal of the Maternal and Infant Health program is to ensure that all women in Saskatchewan have safe and healthy pregnancies, and all babies are born as healthy as possible and remain so through infancy.