The Introduction to Acquired Brain Injury Series is designed to provide a basic level of knowledge for healthcare workers and other service providers, brain injury survivors, caregivers, and anyone else interested in learning more about:

  • the effects of brain injury, and
  • strategies to help guide survivors and families through the lifelong process of adapting to and/or recovering from their injury.

Each module of this series is presented by a health care professional from a variety of disciplines who has extensive experience working with brain injury survivors and their families. The goals of this series are to help participants to:

  • understand the structure and function of the brain,
  • understand the relationship between the brain and behaviour,
  • understand the causes of an ABI,
  • understand the effects of an ABI, and
  • acquire practical strategies to work effectively with survivors and families during the recovery process.

The series is made up of modules that can be viewed at your convenience. The modules are listed below, and in the left hand column of this webpage.

For more information please visit: Introduction to Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).
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