Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines
Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines

Saskatoon’s Lucky Bastard Distillers has taken a bold and socially responsible step; a first for Saskatchewan and Canada. Information about Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines (LRDGs) is on the label of its new product, Haskap Gin. The information will be on all of LB Distillers products in the future. LB Distillers’ owner, Michael Goldney, stated, “We really do believe that we should promote responsible drinking. Putting ‘Please Enjoy Responsibly’ on every label is not clear for consumers. For most, this means not drinking and driving, and it is much more than that.” LRDGs define standard drink sizes (5 oz. wine, 1.5 oz. hard liquor, and 12 oz. bottle of beer, cider or cooler).

LRDGs also have recommendations for maximum amounts per week for safer drinking, including:

  • Men: 0-3 drinks per day, up to 4 on special occasions, with no more than 15 drinks per week
  • Women: 0-2 drinks per day, up to 3 on special occasions, and no more than 10 drinks per week
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding : 0 drinks
  • Young people: delay alcohol use as long as possible, and if they choose to drink, do so at the lower spectrum of the LRDGs
Low risk drinking guidelines recommended adults

This sample label shows that this specific product pours 17.6 standard drinks. Dr. Peter Butt from the University of Saskatchewan chaired the Expert Advisory Group that developed the LRDGs. “Lucky Bastard Distillers is demonstrating a progressive approach to Standard Drink labelling, and establishing a Canadian alcohol industry precedent,” says Dr. Butt. “People will be able to compare the number of standard drinks in a product to the National Low Risk Drinking Guidelines at the ‘point of pour’. This is good for consumers, and reflects genuine concern and appreciation by Lucky Bastard for their customers.”

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