The holiday seasons are a time spent with friends and family, a time of games, parties, cooking, eating, outdoor fun and more! As exciting as many of the holiday activities are, they may also present distracting and stressful situations where simple safety is forgotten. Each holiday presents unique hazards to a child, such as summer vacation, Christmas, and Halloween. To ensure you and your family experience fun and safe holidays, consider the unique environments you will be in including your travel plans and relatives’ homes, as well as the products you may encounter including new foods, toys, and decorations.


For age specific seasonal safety:
Healthy Canadians, Government of Canada
  • The Preventable Injury Holiday Jingle


  • Snowmobile incidents were the number one cause of winter sports and recreation-injuries treated in specialized trauma facilities in Canada from 2004-2005. Snowmobile incidents accounted for 40% of major trauma injuries followed by snowboarding at 24%, skiing at 19%, hockey at 11%, tobogganing at 7% and ice-skating at 3%. (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2007)


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