Culture is a set of shared values and beliefs that help people to understand their world and their fit within it. The Prevention Institute does not presume to have knowledge of the traditional ways of Saskatchewan’s First Nations people. Traditional knowledge is information that is passed down from generation-to-generation, often by Elders and healers, and often shared through storytelling. Historically, First Nations people had protocols, customary laws and social conventions that were negatively overshadowed or forgotten with European contact and more recently with the experiences people had in residential schools. However, many First Nations people feel that it is time to reclaim the traditional cultural values to help prepare young people to make healthy life choices, including their sexuality and reproductive health.

To help provide information to First Nations young people, the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute has established a plan to develop partnerships with First Nations cultural organizations to:

  • Gain an understanding of traditional First Nations teachings regarding sexual and reproductive health and provide a respectful way to share this information throughout the province.
  • Provide culturally appropriate information specific to First Nation communities regarding youth and sexual health with an emphasis on decision-making, that is based on traditional values and beliefs. 

Traditional Teachings: A Journey from Young Child to Young Adult

Elders share their wisdom regarding the cultural practices, laws and traditional values surrounding the sexual maturation of First Nations children to young adulthood. The video is an introduction to a full length production that samples the teachings and life stories of eight Elders from the Plains Cree, Dakota, Dene, Nakota and Saulteaux First Nations of Saskatchewan. The DVD was created as a resource for educators and health care providers, family and community members, and others as they support youth to make positive lifestyle choices for their sexual and reproductive health.

A short introduction to the complete production is available on YouTube:

Poster and Brochure Downloads